Где купить ламповые и серебряные бусины?

В копилку оптовиков - Китайский производитель ламповых и серебряных бусин: 56 видов и 226 стилей.

бусины оптом


Our products are designed and produced based on PANDORA style and quality. Lamp-worked beads and silver beads are our advantage. We are a specialty factory of Chinese hand-made industry. We have a wide range of product line, mostely devided by colors. There are 53 classes and 226 styles for silver core lampwork beads.Enamael silver beads are very special Chinese products. There are some other products for your reference. We could also produce according to your requirements.We appreciate your business and would like to hear from you.

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Где купить ламповые и серебряные бусины? (Китай)

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